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Sodium Diacetate Manufacturers Food Grade; Uses

Arabic اسيتات الصوديوم مصنعين
Italian Sodio Diacetato produttori
German Natirumdiacetat Hersteller
Dutch Natrium Diacetaat fabrikanten
English Sodium Diacetate Manufacturers
French Fabricants de diacétate de sodium
Spanish Fabricantes de diacetato de sodio
Portuguese Fabricantes de diacetato de sódio

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Sodium diacetate is a compound with formula NaH(C2H3O2)2. It is a 1:1 mixture of sodium acetate and acetic acid but is also described as the sodium acid salt of acetic acid. It has E number "E262".

CAS Number:


(EINECS) Number:


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Molecular Weight:



C4 H7 O4 Na

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Sodium diacetate is a free flowing, acidic sodium salt widely used as food flavoring, preservative, and pH buffer. The compound consists of acetic acid and sodium acetate. As a food flavoring agent sodium diacetate is most often used to impart a vinegar flavor in snacks, breads, and soups. As a preservative, it can effective in preventing the development of several mold strains and is also used as an antibacterial agent to prolong the shelf life of many food types. Recent studies also suggest that sodium diacetate is an effective microbial inhibitor and pH regulator in meat and poultry products.

Sodium diacetate is a crystalline compound made up of equal parts of sodium acetate and acetic acid. The sodium acetate crystal lattice locks in the free acetic acid molecules until the compound is broken down in a solution. This characteristic masks the very sharp acetic acid odor while releasing the flavor when the compound is wet out during use. Sodium diacetate is typically available as a free flowing, dust free salt which requires airtight storage to prevent degradation due to acetic acid loss.

Food flavoring is one of the largest markets for the substance where it is added to a host of products for its distinctive vinegar taste. These products include savory cookies, chips, sauces, ketchup, food coatings, and condiments. It also improves the shelf life of these products by inhibiting bacterial development. Sodium diacetate is approved by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and European food control authorities and is generally accepted worldwide as the de facto source of vinegar flavoring.

This compound also sees wide spread use as a baking industry additive. It is often included as a mold inhibitor and general conditioner in bread dough, allowing for a longer shelf life for the finished product. Another baking and confectionery use is as an anti-rope additive. Rope is commonly caused by bacteria in dough which causes clogging of machinery and renders the dough unsafe for consumption. Sodium diacetate destroys rope-forming bacteria, thereby making it an efficient anti-rope agent.

It is also used as a preservative for red meat and poultry products. The compound is an efficient inhibitor of bacterial strains such as C. botulinum and L. monocytogenes often encountered in these products. It also serves as an acidity control additive in fresh meat when applied as a buffer agent. Other pH control uses include the foam production and photographic industries.

This useful chemical is also applied in the agronomy industry as a bacteriostatic agent to preserve and improve bioavailable nutrient levels in livestock feeds such as hay. In addition, it is used in the pharmaceutical field as a renal dialysis blend ingredient. Industrial grades of the compound can also be utilized as buffers and stabilizing agents in the petroleum industry, making it a truly versatile and valuable commodity.

Sodium diacetate is a fungicide and bactericide registered to control molds and bacteria, and thus prevent spoilage, in stored grains. The pesticide is applied to hay as a dust or soluble concentrate (liquid spray) during the baling process. It is applied to silage as an "aid" in fermentation, to preserve the quality of field corn, alfalfa, sorghum, oats and grasses, stored in silos.

Sodium diacetate is composed of acetic acid and sodium acetate. It dissociates to acetate, sodium and hydrogen ions, normal components of plants and animals, and of human foods. Acetates are formed in living organisms during the metabolism of food. Acetates and acetic acid have long been used in both human and animal foods, without significant adverse effects.

SODIUM DIACETATE also called Sodium Di Acetate is a generally recognized as safe ingredient (GRAS) by the US FDA, and is also a generally permitted food additive in Europe and elsewhere. The FDA's CFR 184.1754 limits the use of Sodium Diacetate to levels not to exceed current good manufacturing practices and specifically defines the levels of the material in various food applications.

Sodium diacetate has some specific uses as a source of acetic acid  in bread production. It is also used as a flavouring in dry products, particularly to impart the flavour of vinegar. It inhibits growth of certain types of mold and many deleterious micro-organism in dough and bread (notably Bacillus Mesentericus). It generally serves three purposes: as a pH control agent, as a flavor enhancer and as a microbial inhibitor.

Sodium Diacetate, usually in combination with lactates, is widely used by the meat packing industry as an excellent anti-microbial preservative. Vinegar taste on potato chips or tacos can be achieved by adding 0.1% sodium diacetate.

Sodium Diacetate Uses

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